We support 'Wounded Warriors      Organization 

Let's remember to Thank God every day for our brave warriors who give their life and limbs for our freedom!!!  

   John 15:13 "  "Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down   his/ her life for their friends." 

        and our warriers have!

               1. Notice!!     We are sorry, we will NOT have the

       BMKO Show/Jam until further notice. More later. If you                        have any questions, send us an Email.  

         The BMR Bluegrass Music Jam at Good Shephard United 

        Methodist Church,(GSUMC), 20155 Cypresswood Dr,

   Cypress,  TX 77433; 6:15-9:15pm. {Is still temporially postponed}    The BMR Monday night  Jam is not sponsored by the GSUMC.         All BMKO shows temporally cancelled until

              notice      maybe February 12, 2021?                    

 2. All Bluegrass Music Knight out Shows (BMKO), 2nd Friday, at Weekley; Show 6:30-9:00pm in the Auditoriums, Jam 4:pm to 9:00pm, Rm 402; Guest Bands: Greenrooms # 403 & 404.

 3. Notice:  Jan. 23, 2021! ! ! - We will circle up at Kleb Woods Nature Center, on 4th Saturday- Jan. 23,2021, Time 12:-4:pm to do a little pick'n & grin'n, 20303 Draper Rd @ Mueschke Rd.,   Tomball (Rosehill), Tx 77373. Bring YOUR MASK, your snack,& bottled water! !    

                All events are sponsored by Nema & Tony Redding.

     Thank you to our wonderful volunteers, Who love you also!                                                 Cells: 281-910-4395/281-910-4396

      Everyone Welcome!  We (Nema & Tony Hosts) are promoting

        Bluegrass & Old Time Acoustic Instruments Music & to bring joy &

          hope to our audience. Our events are open to musicians and to the

               Community.  We love having an audience!  (Donations are

                     always welcome).  Event's exceptions: Center Closed

                                  for Holidays & Voting {there will  

                                           be notifications here.}


"Hardships often prepares ordinary people for an                 extraordinary destiny . . . ."  - C. S. Lewis

Let us go forth in the joy of the Lord to love and serve Him with gladness and singleness of heart.  Thanks be to God!

So live that you wouldn't be ashamed to sell the family parrot to the town gossip.


  Well, we are still waiting for the emergency bell to stop ringing! Please stay home, wash your hands/face, drink lots of water.  No Kissing! Ask hubby for a rain-check ! We are praying for 0ur God to help our brothers and sisters around the world.  Hope to see you soon. 

 All BMR shows/jams cancelled until further notice.

Help us keep bluegrass music alive and well in Texas and Tennessee!

We are dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of bluegrass and old time music - past and present.


 We are looking for good bluegrass Bands; Texas swing, bluegrass Gospel, & variety Bands to play on our stage.  If you are a band & like to play for others, try our audience.  They are enthusiastic, fun and appreciate the music.  Give us a call/email.  We would love to come hear you play. Since we do not charge, we can't pay.  We have 90 to 220 listeners in our audience, and expect to grow as the word gets out.

New Camptown Races, lead Al James & Almost Heaven Band

We are very grateful and send a big thank you to all the wonderful bands that play for us.  Some of them come a long distance just to promote Bluegrass music and entertain our audience.  Again thank you with all our hearts - from all of us at Bluegrass Knight Out show and our wonderful audience!

Send us your email address to receive our weekly/ monthly reminders  of  Jams, Shows,  dates, questions/   comments. See Page 4. 

 (Your contact information is secure and not shared.)

Welcome  to Bluegrass Rising in NW Houston, Tx  web-site!  We are playing some good ole bluegrass toe tap-n music and invite you to get your toy; that ole banjo, guitar or what-ever out of the attic/closet, put on new strangs, come-on-down, circle-up and play with us, all Monday nights 6:30-9:pm  at Good Shepherd United Method Church (not our              Sponsor)! All are welcome.

 Notice!  BMR Policies: Your security and privacy will not be voilated by anyone at any ‘Bluegrass Music Rising in NW Houston’(BMR) events.  BMR does not permit your email, photos, audios, or videos on any public or private media to be shared without prior specific authorization by BMR and you.  Tony & Nema Redding

**Articles are opinions of the writers alone and do not imply agreement on the part of the Buegrass Rising originators or the members.

For all the straight "skinnie" that's happening in bluegrass, go to:  www.cybergrass.com 

   Our Bluegrass Music Knight Out  Show is    growing. Pass the word, come and bring a  friend.   

We have had some wonderful bluegrass & Variety bands at Bluegrass Music Knight Out Show & Jam and folks are enjoying all of them.   Each one is  interesting and fun. 

Check out our other pages on this  Website for more fun and Information. 

  For Contact & other   info: See Page 4

  Tony/Nema Redding,   281-910-4396/95.

Love knows all things; hears all things; sees all things; and still loves!

Now I will show you the most excellent

way! Love at all times!     1 Corinthians 13 NIV

NOTICE:  No Show   in. December,  and No Jam at Kleb Woods Nature Ctr. in November & December.

 Follow our Bluegrass Rising Trail in NW Houston

           We welcome feedback about our website or shows.  What would you like to see/hear? ~  E-mail us.



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