"Cripple Creek"- Cypress Monday Night Jam,

 Look!  They all have hair and it has  color!  Tony and his friends from the olden times.  Wow!                                                        Those are days gone by.

Tony Redding

He Who sings prays twice.  St. Augustine

Click here For  Prayer Bells of Heaven

by the 'Almost Good Ole Boys' (Bates, Dusenberry, Fleming, Redding, and Greenlee) @ @ Armond Bayou, Clear Lake Area (1998)

Ron says:  I love the website. Very informational for folks who might want to play some music.  Guitar, Banjo, fiddle, Mandolin, Stand up Bass. There is room for everyone; even those who have a little performance anxiety. The group is very encouraging. All comers are welcome.

"Life is like photography.  You need the negatives  to  develope  it ."          Unknown

Why did the Mandolin player paint TGIF on his boots?   IIt is a reminder that: Toes Go In First!       

Perfect friendships are just imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other!

 Our Beginning: Cypress Monday Night  (Jams started by Tony & Nema Redding in 2016), a wonderful band, a 4th Saturday Jam at Kleb Woods Nature Center.    Also,

Bluegrass Music Knight Out Show/Jam (founded by Nema Redding, August 14, 2015). 

There are no charges for any of our events.  Everyone is invited to Weekley Community Ctr., and Kleb Woods Nature Center and Bird Sanctuary for all  our events.

Our goal is to promote Bluegrass music,  bring joy, entertainment to Seniors, and our community.


                                                                        Nema, Tony 

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