"Take This Hammer"  Tony; 

   Harmony: Mike & Jimmie

Tony is retired from the Space Station Office at NASA-JSC, Clear Lake City and now lives in Cypress, Tx.  He grew up in Denison, Tx, and is an Engineer Graduate of University of Texas.  He plays a number of instruments and loves music.  He is married to Nema and has a son, daughter, 2 grandsons and a granddaughter.

Shenandoah Waltz:  Lead 

Harmony:Tony, Jimmie/Mike

 HOORAY for those Marines, we really do  appreciate 

     every one of you!!           Especially our pal Al!

 Al James (Banjo, Guitar and vocals) Al plays the banjo with great style.  He is a retired pilot from Southwest Airline and formerly a jet fighter pilot in the Marines.  He has two daughters and loves babysitting his four grandkids.  He is married to Linda.

'The Crow', Al with Jan and Richard

'Carolina In The Pines' Mike,  Jimmie, and AHBB

     Jimmie Lehew  (Bass/lead/harmony vocals) has played the piano most of her life.  She started playing the bass a few years ago; she also plays a box full of harmonicas.  She does a great job.  Jimmie found her man in grade school and now she and Mike have a son, daughter and 4 wonderful grandchilren.

    Mike Lehew  (guitar, lead and harmony vocals)    He has been with us from the beginning of our Monday Night Jam in Cypress (2006).  He and Jimmie hail from Oklahoma.  He is a Church of Christ pastor in Cypress area and loves the Lord, family,  and friends.  


 Almost Heaven Band

    Al James - Banjo, Stage Set-up             

                      - Fiddle, Refreshments                     

    Tony Redding - Host, Band Leader & Mandolin

    Jimmie Lehew - Bass, General

    Bro. Mike Lehew     - Guitar, Stage, Our Chaplain

         (all are helpers in many ways)

     Dan Daniel

   Gary Aho -  Sound

   Other Helpers:



Squirrel Hunter, Almost Heaven Band, 

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Al,        Dan      Gary           Tony,                 Jimmie &  Bro. Mike

  Al          Jan                                Tony