"The only way to do great work is to love what you do.  If you haven't found it         yet,  keep looking."    Steve Jobs

 Nema - (Host, sound, and video gal).  "I came from Memphis, Tennessee to Texas to See What's waiting there for me."  I found my wonderful husband waiting there for me. I Learned most of all that I know about sound from Tony and the "Almost Good Ole Boys" (former band) days, friends, anyone who mentions sound, reading sound info and of course trials/errors.  I also love doing the videos of the group.  I am head of the cheering squad.  I do admire and am supportive of everyone on our Team. 

 "Take This Hammer"  Tony; 

   Harmony: Mike & Jimmie

 The hardest arithmetic to master is that which enables us to count our blessings!

Tony/Nema Redding. Tony (Mandolin, lead and harmony vocals), an ole retired NASA JSC Space Engineer (33yrs). Tony grew up in Denison, TX near  Dallas.  He also plays the fiddle, guitar, bass, and anything in-between and is self-taught. In addition to this he is leader, organizer and front man of our Jams and "Almost Heaven Band". He has loved music all of his life and now it fills most of his life and time along with his wife, two children, and 3 grandkids.  If you remember the "Almost Good Ole Boys" he was there too.  He believes that first and foremost 'you must enjoy playing and singing. ' As our daughter will tell you that before Dad would let any of her boy-friends  leave they must sing one song with him!   A Space Ranger and a man of many talents! 

In May of 2015 I, Nema, organized the "Bluegrass Music Knight Out Show and Jam".  Thanks go to our wonderful friends in our band for all their help.  Our first show was August 14, 2015.  We have met some very wonderful people in our efforts to promote Bluegrass music and entertain our seniors, and community. 

We have two wonderful children, and 3 grandchildren of which we are very thankful for. 

Tony and I love all of you and welcome you to a "Bluegrass Music Knight Out Show & Jam"!

 Jan & Fred 

Shenandoah Waltz:  Lead Jan  Fiddle,

Harmony:Tony, Jimmie/Mike

Jan Gaugl (Fiddle), our Violinest from Buffalo, New York - turned Texas fiddler. Jan started playing the violin in the 4th grade.  After adulthood she put it aside to marry and raise her family. They moved to Houston area to be near one of their daughters and grandchildren.  She and her husband Fred, came to Kleb Woods one Saturday to walk the trails and heard our bluegrass jammng and was facinated by the music.  We are very proud to have her playing with us.  She has adjusted to fiddleing with great style and grace! Thank you Lord! Fred, Jan's husband, is a great help with setting up & taking down, refreshments, gives us courage with his wonderful smile and example of a Christian.  Say hello to Fred.

 Al James (Banjo, Guitar and vocals) Al plays the banjo with great style.  He is a retired pilot from Southwest Airline and formerly a jet fighter pilot in the Marines.  He has two daughters and loves babysitting his four grandkids.  He is married to Linda.

 HOORAY for those Marines, we really do  appreciate 

     every one of you!!           Especially our pal Al!

'The Crow', Al with Jan and Richard

'Carolina In The Pines' Mike,  Jimmie, and AHBB

     Jimmie Lehew  (Bass/lead/harmony vocals) has played the piano most of her life.  She started playing the bass a few years ago; she also plays a box full of harmonicas.  She does a great job.  Jimmie found her man in grade school and now she and Mike have a son, daughter and 4 wonderful grandchilren.

    Mike Lehew  (guitar, lead and harmony vocals)    He has been with us from the beginning of our Monday Night Jam in Cypress (2006).  He and Jimmie hail from Oklahoma.  He is a Church of Christ pastor in Cypress area and loves the Lord, family,  and friends.  


Squirrel Hunter, Almost Heaven Band, lead Jan Gaugl

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Al,        Jan,            Nema & Tony,                 Jimmie &  Bro. Mike

                 Jan & Fred



Fred Gaugl

Here we are:  Almost Heaven Band + 1

    Al James - Banjo, Stage Set-up             

    Jan Gaugl - Fiddle, Refreshments                     

    Nema Redding - Host, Sound and Video +1

    Tony Redding - Co-Host, Band Leader & Mandolin

    Jimmie Lehew - Bass, General

    Bro. Mike Lehew     - Guitar, Stage, Our Chaplain

         (all are helpers in many ways)


   Other Helpers:

  Fred Gaugl - Refreshment, Greeter &  General   

   Bro. Paul Quiggins - Jam Leader, and Methdist     Minister, &               

   Gary Aho - Sound Helper

   and all our Audience for their help!


May the focus of my day be on the    priorities of life. Love God, family    and friends. Take care of my health,  be a good listener and be the best I can be in all that I do,  for God and country!                                     Nema R.