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'King of the Road' performed by Richard Blackett and Friends.

How about this guy?  Great voice, huh?

 He opened the show for us 4-13-18.  Hoping he will come again.

Four hours of Jamming ! Jamming Jamming!  Room 402   at  Weekley Community Center with Bluegrass Music Knight Out, 2nd Frday, 4:-8:30.

  Bring your instrument and join other pickers and put a little fun in your life.  Room #402,  North wing of  Weekley Community Center in Cypress, TX.   The Jams are growing and we are thankful for this venue and pickers are able to come for some good clean fun picking.  Beautiful place, great Venue.

 IRONHORSE!  Enjoy this wonderful band.
 We are happy to have them as our friends. 
An original song "Long Line of Love,"  written by Peter, performed by Peter, Marcia Breaze, and John. 
Thank you for sharing with all of us at BMKO.

Now, this is a true "long, Tall Texan"

All he needs is a "big ole white hat"!

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